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Many schools have multiple buildings. Sharing phone service between faculties is a common practice, it is economical, and promotes good communication.  The centralizing of telephone services means better sharing of all outside lines, however, it creates difficulties for any type of direct correlation between the telephone line and the location of the phone extension (or user). The phones distributed through-out the facility are just extensions on the telephone system. When 911 is dialed the only location information most often given by the telephone provider is the location of the building of the telephone switch.

THE PROBLEM: If your telephone system spans multiple buildings, this usually provides the wrong address to 911.  One way telephone system providers have been solving the multi-building dilemma, is to install one dedicated line (that has its own 911 address) in each different building, and force the first call to 911 out over that trunk. At best this does give the correct building address for the first caller to 911. Many times when an accident happens multiple calls are made to 911.  In this scenario, the additional calls would be routed to the normal trunks within your system and give the wrong location information. This is confusing for 911 operators and can lead to emergency personnel being sent to the wrong address.

THE SOLUTION: Using new hardware technology and creative software, 911ai.com has found a solution to this problemThe 911ai.com service allows complete information on a per phone basis. Descriptions may include address, building number, the floor, room number, usage, or any hazardous material nearby.  The information allows for emergency personnel to arrive quicker to their destination and be better prepared for what they may find. There are so many reasons that 911 calls are made and then the caller is unable to convey the proper information as to their location. Many times they just don't know! The information you provide on each phone takes the guess work out of the location and can be used to help verify information with the caller. You will also have the assurance the information is displayed the way you want, because you enter and maintain the information yourself, all by the web.

Receive instant notification when 911 is dialed

Any user of the 911ai service may set up notifications.  A notification is either sending an email, a digital page, or a cell phone txt message that one of your listed numbers has dialed 911.   You will be supplied the phone number that dialed 911, and some of the ai information, like exact location, name etc.  The greatest benefit of this feature is you will know when a 911 call is being placed. The notification information can be changed  any time via the web page interface. Business accounts can have up to 26 different notifications.  Different buildings may want different people notified, or possibly some people will want to be notified on all 911 calls. The notification scheme is very flexible and can easily be tailored to individual needs. The information can be changed as often as you like, just log into the database and edit your facts under “Manage” account, it’s that easy.

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