911ai.com - Pricing

Pricing may vary by 911 centers.
Use Pricing Calculator to check pricing in your area.

Residential & Small Business 1-5 numbers:

I most areas the 911 center pays a very small fee that allows everyone to use the capabilities of 911ai.com. This will allow everyone to have an account with up to 5 phone numbers and 2 notifications for free. If you would like more than 5 numbers on an account there will be a small charge payable by credit card. There is no need to enter credit card information for a free account (1-5 numbers and 0-2 notifications).

Any Subscriber of 1-5 Numbers and 0-2 Notifications:**

Pricing:   Free **
Set up fee:  Waived
Monthly service fee:  None
Each number:  Free to 5 total per account
Each notify:    Free to 2 total per account

** 911ai.com service must be available in your subscribed number area and your 911 center must have subscribed for free residential & small business service.

Business Accounts 6-15,000 numbers:

This account type usually fits larger facilities that have many telephone numbers. Click on the pricing calculator to show usage cost for your number of telephone numbers.

Payment Types:

All non-free accounts may be paid via major credit cards online in advance of service. After the account is set up and initial payment is made, the account is renewed quarterly. 911ai.com will charge your credit card quarterly, in advance, for the 90 day service. 

Accounts that would be greater than $200 quarterly may elect to pay by check either Quarterly or Yearly in advance of service. Quarterly 10% and Yearly 15% prepayment discounts apply.

Refunds and Prorating of services:

If an account is cancelled for any reason. All prepaid fees for full months of unused services are 100% refundable. You must notify us directly to request a refund. You may contact our offices weekdays between 9:00 a.m. and 4:00p.m. EST at 315-836-8520 or email at  billing@911ai.com  If payment is made for the 911ai.com service via a credit card all services will be rendered within 90 days of payment. Customers that add or subtract services during the billing period, (quarterly or yearly)  may see the prorated services as additional charges or credits on their next billing.

Pricing Calculator:

The following link allows you to calculate your 911ai.com service cost based on your zip code, number of lines you have, and the number of notifies that you use.  If you have a valid promo code the pricing calculator will show any discounts that the promotion code provides.

Pricing Calculator

Pricing may vary by zip code.  Promotion Codes are date and area sensitive.