911ai Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is 911ai service available in my area?

It's our plan to make 911ai available for all 911 centers in the US.  To accomplish that task we will need to provide equipment and software in many locations. That takes time and interest in this service in your area. You can enter your zip code on the signup page and find if the service is currently available in your area. If it is not yet available you may leave your name and email address and we will notify you when it becomes available. You may also send us your comments regarding 911ai and any enhancements you would like to see in the future.

Why do I need 911ai?

When Police, Fire or Medical Emergencies occur, seconds count. Thinking clearly in stressful situations is challenging. 911ai gives individuals the opportunity to provide emergency services with important details before an emergency occurs when communication is optimal, which facilitates a quicker and better informed response.

Do I need a promo code?   What is a promotional code?

Promotional or "Promo" codes are given to you by promoters of the 911ai.com service. These people are usually independent contractors who are users of the 911ai.com service. The promo code that is given to you may provide you a discount on 911ai.com services. You do not need a Promo code to sign up for the service.  The list of promoters that have asked to have their contact information made public is listed here. (911ai.com Product Promoters)  These product promoters would like to here from you, they have great knowledge about the product and will be glad to answer your questions. They will provide you a promo code that fits the service type that they promote.  911ai.com pays promoters based on you using their code to sign up for service.  Once you sign up for service if you would like to promote 911ai.com services see  (becoming a promoter).

How long does it take to update 911ai if I want to change information?

The information supplied for 911ai is input into a web interface. Changes can be made to your information anywhere, anytime, by supplying a personal login and password. Today everything is always changing, and so is your critical 911ai information. You have the ability to change it as often as you wish.  When you make a change, we make your change effective within seconds. There is no processing delay of hours, or days, everything is designed to be in real-time.  For example, if you decide that you want to add an extra phone number, or change a person that should be notified over a weekend, or for an hour, or a day, you can do it easily.   

Does a Business need a special phone system?

For 911ai to work fully, correctly, and be able to identify each telephone individually, the correct telephone setup is required. We are most familiar with Nortel Products as we have been a Nortel distributor and installing them for 29 years. The Nortel systems work well with 911ai. Others systems are compatible, but there are certain features that may need to be enabled which in most cases would require PRI trunking.   If your business does not have PRI trunking installed you may find this to be a very economical upgrade, as well as being able to fully support the features of 911ai. When 911ai is available in your area we will be providing local vendors names and phone numbers that are partnering with 911ai to assist you in making sure your equipment is 911ai ready. Currently the only vendor that is able to discuss the telephone integration is CREG Systems Corporation  (315) 788-0000.  CREG Systems has 911ai Certified technicians and many years of experience in the Voice and data world of telecommunications. 

Will 911ai work with IP telephones?

Yes! - 911ai is fully compliant with VoIP telephones.  Most  VoIP companies have been working to become fully 911 complaint.  If your service provider is compliant you should have no problem signing up for service in your listed home area. In the future when we have more information about the companies that have working VoIP with 911ai services we will be publishing their information here. As for now you may have to ask your VoIP carrier. 

Will 911ai work with my Cell Phone?

Yes! - 911ai is fully compliant with most Cell Phones.  The information that you can provide 911ai can be very important to the safety of the cell phone user.

Two-thirds of new cellular phone owners listed their main reason for purchasing a cell phone was the added sense of security. In 2006, more than half the calls routed to a 911 center came from cell phones. For various reasons a mobile caller’s geographical location may not always be available to the PSAP (Public Safety Answering Point). Although technology is advancing, it is not good enough. The personalization of information maximizes the efforts of the response team. We feel providing details of the individual using a mobile phone can help emergency responders in the case of an emergency.

Please take a moment and read through 911ai for cell phones. 

How do I pay for this service?

All 911ai services are paid by credit cards, through this web site. All transactions are secure. The service cost is nominal, paid in advance by the month. Large business, and institutions with over 500 lines have the option of paying quarterly. See Rate Schedule

The scheduled rates will be published here later this month.

Is the information I enter secure?

We take security of your information very seriously.  Not only will your information that you provide 911ai be kept secure we will never allow the information to be used in any form other that the intended purpose of having it available to the 911 call center when your phone calls. Your information will never be sold, distributed, be used to solicit or to classify individuals. Our complete security document is available to read.  Security Policy

Who can use it?

Anyone who has a phone number can add information to the 911 emergency system. The information can be changed as often as you like, just log into the database and edit your facts under “Manage” account, it’s that easy.

When do I add information?

Right now! Nobody can anticipate when an emergency is going to occur. Once the form is completed the information is immediately attached to the phone number(s) specified. The account can be easily updated as often as you like, you manage the account yourself.

What are the steps to get connected to 911ai?

1.      Check our web site and see if the service is available in your 911 area.  If 911ai is not available and you would like the benefit of its services, please send us an Email and tell us about your location, your number size and needs. Please provide contact numbers. Our deployment schedule is currently flexible and we may be able to accommodate your local 911 facility.

2.      Get your telephone vendor and service provider involved early.  Review the information provided on the website interface regarding the necessary telephone system for 911ai to function properly.  Once you sign-up on this 911ai web site and provide us with the necessary information, your account will be verified (sometimes this takes up to 48 hours).

3.      Collect information on each telephone. You may use the 911ai worksheets provided or make you own. Once you have collected the information, you may sign in and enter it in the 911ai interface. Note: The information that is entered is active as it's entered.

4.      We suggest you assign one person or department to be responsible for maintaining the information. To be helpful in emergencies, the information must be concise, informative, and up-to-date.   

Where do I sign up?

Click here to sign up. The account can be updated by signing in as a returning member and selecting “Manage” account.

Sign-up for 911ai today:

Nobody can anticipate when an emergency is going to occur. Signing up is the first step to being able to provide the "Additional Information" that only 911ai can provide.

Click here to "Sign up". The account can be updated by signing in as a returning member and selecting “Manage” account.