Disabled Persons      

When Police, Fire or Medical Emergencies occur, seconds count.   Thinking clearly in a stressful situation is challenging.  911ai allows the opportunity to provide emergency services with important details about the individuals who reside in a home when communication is optimal. If in an emergency, you may not be able to communicate vital information to the call centers personnel.   Supplying specific details about disabilities, limitations, medications, pets and/or contact information not only creates peace of mind by knowing emergency services already has critical information at their fingertips, but could save a life.

Receive instant notification when 911 is dialed

Any user of the 911ai service may set up notifications.  A notification is either sending an email, a digital page, or a cell phone txt message that one of your listed numbers has dialed 911.  When an emergency occurs, you will be notified that one of your numbers has dialed 911. You will be supplied the phone number that dialed 911, and some of the ai information, like exact location, name etc.  The greatest benefit of this feature is you will know when a 911 call is being placed. The notification information can be changed  any time via the web page interface. Business accounts can have up to 26 different notifications.  Different buildings may want different people notified, or possibly some people will want be notified on all 911 calls. The notification scheme is very flexible and can easily be tailored to individual needs. The choice is yours, and can easily be changed any time. The information can be changed as often as you like, just log into the database and edit your facts under “Manage” account, it’s that easy.

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