Cell Phone Users     

Two-thirds of new cellular phone owners listed their main reason for purchasing a cell phone as “a security measure”.  In 2010, more than half the calls routed to a 911 call center came from cell phones.  911ai allows the opportunity to provide emergency services with important details about the individuals who are associated with a specific phone number.  For various reasons a mobile caller’s geographical location may not be available to the emergency call center. Additionally, regulations require 911 calls be connected regardless of that phone being currently active.  Supplying the cell phone user's name, age, home address, specific details about allergies, medications, limitations or emergency contact information creates peace of mind by knowing the call center already has critical information at their fingertips and can help emergency responders in the case of an emergency.

Receive instant notification when loved ones dial 911

Any user of the 911ai service may set up notifications.  A notification is either sending an email, a digital page, or a cell phone txt message that one of your listed numbers has dialed 911.  The message will include the phone number that dialed 911, and your ai information, as well as the 911 center that recieved the call and how to reach them.  The greatest benefit of this feature is you will know when a 911 call is being placed. The notification information may be updated at any time by accessing your account at 911ai.com. The notification scheme is very flexible and can easily be tailored to individual needs. There is no cost to change your additional information or your notifications as often as you like, just log into the 911ai.com web site and select edit under “Manage” account, it’s that easy.

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